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  • This album, Reunion!, was recorded in a boat house in Vidalia, LA. It's birth would have never come about had it not been for my father's strange obsession with fish. Other noises were created in Brian Chandler's Echo Castle and Chad "Cheech" Gonzales assisted in the mixing/mastering of it all. Kyle Craft, Rick Hancock, Landon Miller, Haley Massey, Josh T. Long, Jacob Disedare, and Will McGrew play on this album. We hope you enjoy our music and feel free to share it with all of the people you love.

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released 12 March 2011
Kyle Craft, Rick Hancock, Landon Miller, Haley Massey, Josh T. Long, Jacob Disedare, Will McGrew



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Track Name: The Morning Sun

Oh brother how your leaving me/In colors bright and bleeding free/
But you said you found the radio cage/And over time it fades away/
Some place out in the open air, you’ll find a friend, you’ll find me there/
I know, I know/

But I’m sick inside and I’m sick of fear and I’m sick of always being here/
So if you can’t quite follow me, then grab a photo by the frame/
And lie down in the busy street, you move your tongue, I’ll move my feet/
I know, I know/

And I’ll go into the morning, into the morning sun/

And now the clouds are spinning sweet, like records rolling on the screen/
The televisions crooked eyes, you’ll quickly learn to creep and cry/
For all the way you’d head out west and carve her name into your chest/
I know, I know

But the carnival and the pale parade march off to sing the world is saved/
Inside the city you still dream of toxic girls and gasoline/
So sleep away just like you do, you give me hell, I’ll give you proof/
I know, I know/
Track Name: Every Summer, Every Spring

Every summer, every spring, there were roses at the door/
And the children in the bath, splashing water on the floor/
In the morning you would wake and I’d watch you in a dream/
Floating out across the waves with the world inside your teeth/

I never knew you were always waiting for me/

Every Summer, Every Spring

Walking out across the dark so terrible and tall/
Listen only to the sound of the shadows in the hall/
Then you dress yourself in red, painting flowers on your face/
With the ring around your head and the show behind the shade/

I never knew you were always leaving, leaving me/

Every Summer, Every Spring/
Track Name: Melanie

Melanie where did you go, into the night where it snows/
For you and the holes in your heart, the wine and the whiskey they flow/
Down the skin of your breast and all the way onto your toes/

You’ll kiss it and call it your love, you’ll carry him down to the coast/
And wash him in water so warm and rattle your sweet baby bones/

Melanie where did you run, into the black summer sun/
And you clinch your teeth in the dark, where stage lights forget to shine/
For the sake of those sparks that burst into color and shine/

You’ll kiss it and call it your love, you’ll bury it under your bed/
And wrap it in covers so bright and rattle your sweet baby head/

Where will you run?

Melanie where did you go, into the night where it snows/
So white and cold and you know your flowers beginning to die/
Turned grey from gold and falling down slow through the sky/

You’ll kiss it and call it your life, you’ll follow him down to the ground/
And wrap it in colors so bright and make all your beautiful sounds/
Track Name: Glitter

Glitter, I am watching your window, slow and sour your days go/
Up and out of your head/
And flies flew bitter and buzzing in your room, pissing and punching like/
You do, sad and sickly you send/

That green glow into the sky like a sea gull, over her body and we know/
You are not holding her head/
For your world is crawling like love across her lips/
Spitting the pleasures and sweet mist/All round your mouth to pretend/

That I love you, brother you are not my enemy/
You were only the best of me and I will forget you again/
Track Name: Ghost of a Ghost

Twenty one years ago, I met a girl in my head/
She said she couldn’t cry enough to keep her eyes wet/
And they were pretty things, all crystal cold
So we walked in the streets and onto some holy ground/
I tore through all my head, I couldn’t tear through the soundings/
Of her silhouette and teeth to the sweetest degree/

Now summer’s over darling and I can only sleep/
But lately I’ve been wondering with all the world beneath/

Twenty one years ago, I met the ghost of a ghost/
She had a hazy heart and pretty spots under her clothes/
And I could see them there creeping out of her sleeves/
She smoked her cigarettes, I watched her color TV/
We both tried to forget that life is all what it seems/
Just creatures caught up in all there own tragedies/

Now all this glassy wandering may break so easily/
But lately I am drifting with all the world beneath me/
Track Name: Where We're Going

Oh lover send me secrets down there from the dark fume of the fire/
Into the garden we would walk and ball your body into wire/
And wooden splinters stain the center of your hard and hollow hand/
Burning from bridges bright and breaking from the bottom where they stand/

And you never knew me like I know where we’re going/
So dance like you’re dying and lay down beside me/To leave/

My mother waited cross the river watching babies on the bank/
Our skin would sit inside the water ‘til it shriveled up and shrank/
Out in the day light, we would run to find the kingdom in the cave/
But how I feared the though of sinking in to try and separate/
And now that skin is peeling and your eyes I never see/
They wander on inside the whimsy walls, they fold in front of me/
And if you take away the daughter she will wake up in her sleep/
To find the feeling she had hidden in her heart from everything/

But you never knew me like I know where we’re going/
So stay like you’re leaving and forget what you’re feeling/
Oh love, you were made to fall from the tunnels and take my body with you.
And I would watch your face as it faded and filled my fingers with fools/
Down I go!